Be a library super fan!

Be a super fan! 

I guess it's obvious that I will shout this from the rooftops, since we design your official library bag

But, it feels wild that in the state of Missouri they are defunding libraries. 

Image of books and the words "Be a library super fan: Support the library" written in white letters.

Libraries are more than just books, but access to the internet, free or inexpensive programming, and resources for safe spaces to think, work and play. 

So without further ado, here are 5 ways you can support the library:

1. Become a Friend of the Library!

Friends of the Library groups are nonprofit charitable groups formed to support libraries in their communities through financial assistance, advocacy, and community involvement. Typically, you pay a membership fee, (ours is $25 for a family membership for one year), and it gives you access to a variety of perks and access to annual meetings. Ours gives discounts to the Friends of the Library gift shop, early bird access to book sales, and library focused print publications–think library magazines!. A membership is an inexpensive way to support the work of the library within your own community!

2. Shop local book sales

If you’ve ever been to a library book sale then you know you have to go with a list! Some of my favorite memories are meeting up with friends with my farmer’s market basket to wait in line for the library book sale. These are great places to find great titles as well as an entire series of books –which any parent of a new reader knows: you always need the next book in the series. I keep track of the upcoming book sales and make note of upcoming holidays, car trips and my TBR (to-be-read) list, so that I can tuck away those books!

3. Donate books 

As our kids get older, we’re sorting and organizing our bookshelf to make room for new titles. When we’re not sending boxes of books to family or tucking favorites away in their memory boxes (yes, I’m that mom) then donating books to the library sale is a great way to pass books along for a good cause. 

These next two ideas are really challenging me!

4. Offer to teach a class

I love this idea and it honestly never occurred to me that I could offer to teach a class at the library. We’ve often attended craft workshops in the summer, story times and other programs, but I love the idea of bringing my passions to the library by offering to teach a class. It could be knitting, gardening, photography, business, or computer courses. 

5. Volunteer on behalf of the library at community events 

We love attending festivals downtown and my kids are always excited to see the library in attendance. As I began to think about ways we can support the libraries, I thought of how much fun my kids would have taking a volunteer slot to help with a craft, hand out bookmarks, or simply wave to the parade of passerbyers. I’d love it too!

What I love most about this list is that none of this is going to break our backs (or our banks), but it is something small we can do! I'm off to reach out to Friends of the Library and see how I can help. How about you?



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