About Truth & Gold


Two parents who love fashion, kids and celebrating our differences.                    

On August 24, 2015 we welcomed our son Rocco Daichi into the world with more love than we knew was humanly possible. However, amidst joy, hopes for his future and optimism we were very aware of the perils and messages of negative self image awaiting him through the many loud voices in society. Well, this is our answer to those voices. Our Rocco and your children are beautiful, significant and filled with limitless power to change our world. Join with us in planting golden seeds of truth into each child that wears a tee.

Over the years, we’ve been compelled not only to support local businesses, but also businesses that support youth employment teaching students valuable life skills and businesses owned by people of color. We support businesses of color in hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan because we know that our investment, though small, has an impact. 

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Rocco's Mom and Dad