All Moms are Working Moms- Unisex Long Length Tee

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All Moms are Working Moms. 

I see you with your two kids balancing your job as a nurse 4 days a week. You're a caregiver around the clock, but most often people only see you in one role. 

I see you Mom in the pick up line with a newborn on your shoulder and two toddlers trailing behind. I know the kids like to think that you eat bon bons while they're at school, but really you folded three baskets of laundry. (Me too.)

I see you Mom working FT and PT trying to make it day by day and paycheck by paycheck. Your little boy is watching you and you're teaching him about resilince and the power of love. He's gonna be a world changer because of you.

I see you Mom juggling kids after school routines and adoption timelines. I see you in the love you pour into your kids and the love it takes to wait to welcome home one more. 

I see you SAHM. Everyone thinks you have time for coffee dates, volunteering at school and doing your hair. But, I know that the days are long and seasonal depression hits you hard. I see you. 

I see you. There are so many times that I wish I said those three little words, because when they've been spoken over me they have given me life. Let's embrace our roles as Moms recognizing that we're ALL moving mountains. 

Adult: Bella Canvas Combed and Ring-Spun cotton blend (read: butter soft). Drop tail approx. 2 inches longer than length perfect to pair with leggings.

*Black Tee
*White Lettering 

Unisex Sizing : 

S/// 19.5//33.25
M /// 19.75//34.25
L/// 21.75//35.25
XL/// 23.75//36.25
2XL/// 25.75//37.25