Mantra Wide Neck Sweatshirt GRAY- Women

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The new year has begun and it's never too late to re-evaluate what you want your life to look like.  Grab your favorite hot beverage (coffee/keto coffee/ tea/mulled cider/ mulled wine) and take a deep breath.

SLOW DOWN, life isn't meant to be full of fast meals, scattered thoughts and the bright screens from our phones. Enjoy winter for what it is... the quiet beauty before spring.. 

PRIORITIZE KINDNESS, because your words can change someone's day. It didn't cost your anything to speak truth and love to those you love and those you consider a stranger. 

INVEST IN PEOPLE, bringing in forgotten friends or neighbors into your tribe. A place at your dinner table and a simple meal is all it takes to look eye-to-eye to truly "see" one another.

LIVE WITH PURPOSE, no more lukewarm living. You have gifts and talents to share with the world, so why let them spoil...or disappear. 


Adult: Bella Canvas Combed and Ring-Spun cotton blend (read: sponge fleece soft) with ribbed cuffs and waistband. 

* Gray Wide Neck Sweatshirt (Yes, you will look trendy but not trying!)
*White Lettering 

Women's Sizing : 
Size///Numerical Size Equivalent 
S///  2-4
M /// 6-8
L/// 8-10
XL/// 10-14
2XL/// 14-18

***This is a Women's cut sweatshirt. ***


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