Mantra V-Neck Long Sleeve- Adult Unisex Tee

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SLOW DOWN, life isn't meant to be full of fast meals, scattered thoughts and the bright screens from our phones. Enjoy each season of life for what it is. 

PRIORITIZE KINDNESS, because your words can change someone's day. Just acknowledging a good hair day, awesome service or an amazing parenting moment of a stranger can be revolutionary. Let's use our words and actions to spread kindness.

INVEST IN PEOPLE, just a moment of investment reaps more than we know.  

LIVE WITH PURPOSE, no more lukewarm living or hum drum feelings. Don't let your wildest dreams go ignored any longer. Feed your heart and soul with vivid pictures of what living a life of purpose would look like and then go do it! 

Adult: Bella Canvas Combed and Ring-Spun triblend (read: butter soft) with V-neck.

*Navy Triblend tee
*Red Lettering 

Unisex Sizing : 
S/// 18
M /// 20
L/// 22
XL/// 24
2XL/// 26

***We don't charge extra for "X" sizes because that's not kind. ***


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