Playground Community Organizer Baseball Tee- Toddler

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Where and how can we teach toddlers about leadership and working towards justice and equality?

Between taking turns on the merry-go-round and learning how to share the slide, the playground is the perfect place! We can cross paths with other families from the neighborhood or meet new friends who don't look like us. When we expose toddlers to new places and faces we show them that our world is bigger and worthy of justice for all! 

Infant and Toddler: Rabbit Skins 100% cotton Jersey with ribbed crew neck long sleeve shirt.

*Burgundy Sleeves and Athletic Gray Baseball tee
*Burgundy Lettering 

Toddlers Sizing :
Size /// Chest /// Length
2T /// 12 /// 16
3T /// 13/// 17
4T /// 14/// 18
5/6T /// 15/// 19



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